I am enough

So here I am, overlooking the marina of Porto Azurro on the island of Elba. I’m coming to the end of my 2 week holiday in Tuscany, which was truly amazing: full to the brim with beauty on every level; food, landscape, art, architecture, music, language and handsome men:-). It has been nourishing for the soul, and by taking part in the “Be the Change” course, (run by the GVN/foundation), I feel like I have expanded my mind,(and my waistband)and restored my sense of hope.

This blog is my way of documenting and reflecting on my journey. I’m embarking on a new path, and I want to share it with whomever is interested.

I came across this quote by William Blake this week, “everything that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself” and it really resonated with me. I believe in the sentiment entirely as it ties in with my values and beliefs, especially around reciprocity. I want to make a difference in the world. Correction, I’m going to make a difference in the world, and I’ll capture it here, and at the same time, I’ll share stories of others who are making a difference.

But for now, I’m going to pop outside to catch some rays, swim in the pool and finish reading “the New Yorker”, which was loaned to me by a beautiful new friend and ‘fierce’ woman originally from Soweto (now living in New York), who I connected with through our mutual love of literature, who has inspired me, and convinced me and others, that we are enough, “I am enough”, and for that, I am very grateful.


About looktoyourpath78

I'm on a journey, like everyone else, and I want to start writing about it. I'm passionate about social enterprise, entrepreneurship, young people, creativity, education and the empowerment of women and children, especially within an international development context. I love meeting new people, especially those that challenge and inspire me. I love good food, pilates, coffee and laughing until it hurts. I am a participant @THNK_org, an Non-exec Director for @MindfoodCiC and Co-founder @movellas.
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1 Response to I am enough

  1. Cormac Heron says:

    Congratulations Yvonne. Enjoy the journey 🙂

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