New York and Revelations

From the first time I touched down in New York in 2004, I have had a yearning, deep down in my soul to live there.  I have only ever been in New York 4 times, but each time I have been there, I’ve felt at home!  Literally!

One time, when my flight was touching in, I actually felt like I was ‘coming home’, which wasn’t felt in the cliched way, but felt in a ‘real’ way, in terms of  of actually ‘coming home’, which was a little strange.

This time, I felt somewhat relaxed about the whole trip and the place, which may explain my current sentiment about it, which is most probably influenced by my current sentiment about me – relaxed, content, etc…

So I arrived in New York on Wednesday evening, fairly tired, but pretty relaxed.  The new start-up company that I work for is taxing mentally, but way less stressful than the corporate I worked for before.  My mind is constantly on the go, but it’s working towards something I can have a serious impact on, so I’m happy, and I don’t mind working all the hours God sends on it, because I believe it is really going places and will make a real difference in the world.  This ties in with so many of my friends that I met in New York.  I met so many inspirational women that are working on entrepreneurial stuff.  I met the founders behind the amazing Hidden Baby, who are an inspirational pair of sisters, who have used their creativity and vision to make a difference in the world.  I also met my beautiful, wise and inspirational young friend Magogodi.  Wow!  Too short a time with too great a mind!  Always too inspired and wanting more from this woman!  Urrrrggghhh!  You have to come to London so I can spend more time with you and selfishly expand my mind:-)

And I met old friends, who now have family.  And it’s not perfect!  In fact it’s bloody hard. I got to see the harsh realties of life, courtesy of one of my very good old friends, Colin.  He has a beautiful family:  a gorgeous, gregarious daughter and a beautiful little son that is struggling with a genetic, yet curable disease, that sees him in casts for the foreseeable future. But he will survive and live to see a full life!  He has amazing parents with such a positive outlook.  Whenever I feel slightly sorry for myself, I think of this family, and gain inspiration.

In fact I gained inspiration from many people I met in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn).  The people I met were entrepreneurial: Darren, Courtney, Malene B, and magododi, not to mention many more.  And I got to think more and more about creatvity, and how valuable it is for all of us.

I personally feel that creativity has been killed in many of us, mostly because of our Education system, and I can say this, because I’ve been through the Education system and because I have been a teacher.  I tried being creative when I taught, and on the whole, I think the kids loved it.  Let’s be honest, we all love a being given a vacum to express ourselves!  But teaching to the curriculum was always a barrier.  We have so many creative teachers out there that have creativity oozing out of their bodies, but are restricted by the curriculum.  This creative restriction manifests itself in the workplace too.  There are so many creative workers out there whose creativity is stifled by the very size and bureaucracy of the organisations that they work for.  I for one won’t put up with it.

So my new challenge is to promote young talent and creativity through movellas (the company I work for), whose mission is to create a platform for young people to express themselves in whichever form they see fit:  whether that be poetry, fiction, illustration, video – the works!  I’m so proud to be working for a company that provides a wonderful platform for self expression and creativity!  So, if this is a revelation or even inspiration to any of you, I’m very pleased.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”  Book of Revelations.


About looktoyourpath78

I'm on a journey, like everyone else, and I want to start writing about it. I'm passionate about social enterprise, entrepreneurship, young people, creativity, education and the empowerment of women and children, especially within an international development context. I love meeting new people, especially those that challenge and inspire me. I love good food, pilates, coffee and laughing until it hurts. I am a participant @THNK_org, an Non-exec Director for @MindfoodCiC and Co-founder @movellas.
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2 Responses to New York and Revelations

  1. deerfeet says:

    Agree! Space to be creative is given by the safety to explore and make mistakes. Our culture is becoming so target, outcome and excellence orientated there is no grace for mistakes and teachers are especially feeling the smack of that paddle! If there was a greater culture of grace and forgiveness there would be more space for creativity but people won’t try if they are worried they fail and failure is seen as unacceptable. In my book failure only comes when you blame others for your mistakes. You’re doing a great job at creating space for youngsters to safely explore being creative.

  2. Lisa says:

    Great post Yvonne!! I still haven’t been to New York, but it is on The List!
    Completely agree with your sentiments about creativity, so important for children to grow to become resourceful, innovative and think more about their personal impact than just reaching a target for the sake of it.

    I’m sure you’ve watched Sir Ken Robinson’s TED speech about it, but it’s always worth watching again as a reminder. I love that man! And lets say a “Hell Yeah” for those inspiring, brave, game-changers out there.

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