Eat Less, Write and Cycle More – My Lenten Vows

Right!  My promise to eat less, write and cycle more for the period of Lent is here and it’s in writing.  Something about ‘publishing’ for me equates to words meaning more, so writing this blog is my way of keeping myself honest.

I was looking back over past blog posts and realised that I haven’t posted since mid November and I haven’t really been doing what I said I would do. I was a little excitable when I wrote that post. I haven’t done much but register a url yet, but having it in writing is helping to keep me honest and I’ll do something to make the things that I wrote about happen, by the end of this year.

Back to eating less and writing and cycling more.  Partly I don’t write because I don’t think I have anything interesting to say and partly I don’t write because I spend too much time doing other things, most of which are productive, but some could be deemed to be a little wanting on the productivity front.  But as I have stated that I’ll write more during Lent, then that is what I will do and those insecurities (a euphemism for excuses) shall just have to hibernate for a while.  So to recap, I will write more.

Cycling more is a rather selfish Lenten vow. It’s something I actually have to do as I’ve only gone and secured myself a place in Ride London, which is pretty fucking (sorry for swearing) scary. As I was investigating cycle routes last night, I was astounded to find that Chiswick to Southampton is only 75ish miles and I’m going to be cycling 100!  How is that even going to be possible?  Certainly not on my current two-wheeled mode of transport it won’t:ImageHowever much I love my the Pashley brand and my Pashley Poppy, it just won’t cut the mustard for this challenge. It is a thing of beauty and I can sometimes be found on the Chiswick High Road, almost crashing into cars as I admire myself on my Pashley in shop windows, but really, that’s all it’s good for.  If I were in charge of Pashley, I would consider adding this tagline: “Pashley – A Bike For Feeling Good About Yourself” or “Pashley – An Ornament More Than A Bike” or “Pashley Is To Bikes What Chiswick Is To London”.  But I digress. As usual.  But I’ll digress some more because this is what it’s like to be inside my head.  If you’ve ever been in a  conversation with me and I look like I’ve gone to another place, these are generally the sorts of things that I’ll be thinking about. But enough stream of consciouness for now.  To recap, I will cycle more.

I will also eat less. I actually don’t eat that much and usually eat pretty well, but recently, I’ve been eating chocolate and biscuits and crisps – stuff that I never usually eat. Eating well is pretty easy for me, so I don’t really have that much to say about it, so I won’t.  I’ll just eat less. I suppose if I’m eating less I should also drink less, but years of experience and constant research, have taught me that the latter vow will inevitably be broken, especially when this beauty is placed before me:Image

I was of course referring to the pint of Guinness and black.

So there’s the first of my Lenten blog posts.  Pretty boring, pretty self-absorbed and pretty pointless, but some quite pretty pictures I think.


About looktoyourpath78

I'm on a journey, like everyone else, and I want to start writing about it. I'm passionate about social enterprise, entrepreneurship, young people, creativity, education and the empowerment of women and children, especially within an international development context. I love meeting new people, especially those that challenge and inspire me. I love good food, pilates, coffee and laughing until it hurts. I am a participant @THNK_org, an Non-exec Director for @MindfoodCiC and Co-founder @movellas.
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